WW2 Personnel from St Marys & Surrounding Areas - B's

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Note - BARRY, Edward & BARRY. George Edward - are likely to be the same person
The BASEDOWS are probably Father and Daughter
BENNETT, George & BENNETT, George Thomas - (with same birthdate) Could be the same person
The older BENNETT, George Thomas - is likely to be the father

BAGUSTVictor George N44387623/07/1923 MARRICKVILLE, NSWARMY
BARNESJohn Henry NX16587911/12/1923 BANKSIA, NSWARMY
BARRETTCyril NX16397618/02/1914 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BARRETTRoy Patrick N219524  7/03/1907 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BARRYEdward NX3254815/08/1918 KINGSWOOD, NSWARMY
BARRYGeorge Edward NX823715/08/1918 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BARTERCecil NX15411823/07/1922 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BARTONHarold Frazer NX19244119/12/1922 BATHURST, NSWARMY
BASEDOWAudrey May NF482249  1/10/1923 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BASEDOWJohannes Wilhelm N346448  1/08/1896 TANUNDA, SAARMY
BAYLEYRalph James Beamish NX206424  5/02/1927 FIVE DOCK, NSW ARMY
BEACROFTEdward Copeland 23766013/08/1918 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BEARDCharles Collin NX157962  3/02/1914 KINGSWOOD, NSWARMY
BEAVERAllan Sidney 245816/01/1918 SUMMER HILL, NSWARMY
BEAVERBruce 1544220/06/1921 SUMMER HILL, NSWRAAF
BEAVERRonald William NX51064  7/06/1919 SUMMER HILL, NSWARMY
BEDDIEWilliam Kilpatrick 432470  7/04/1921 ST MARYS, NSWRAAF
BEDDIEWilliam Kirkpatrick N348872  7/04/1921 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BEECROFTRoy Patrick NX8614317/03/1908 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BELLElson Evered NX2184919/10/1919 GOONDIWINDI, NSWARMY
BELLGeorge Elson N7148919/04/1893 WARIALDA, NSWARMY
BELLRobert Henry N351337  6/05/1896 KINGSWOOD, NSWARMY
BELLINGHAMMervyn Thomas H. N347554  7/07/1912 PENRITH, NSWARMY
BENNETTGeorge NX5648014/11/1912 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BENNETTGeorge Thomas N20522214/11/1912 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BENNETTGeorge Thomas N7145625/11/1885 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BENTONRonald Arthur N34612313/10/1923 SYDNEY, NSWARMY
BEVERIDGEJohn Henry NX11054126/08/1919 WALGETT, NSWARMY
BISHOPArchibald Stewart NX25617  7/08/1894 EDINBURGH, UKARMY
BLACKERJames George NX20049812/05/1915 GILGANDRA, NSWARMY
BLAKERonald Henry N34755718/03/1900 BRISTOL, UKARMY
BLANDEileen May NF46663621/09/1905 COOTAMUNDRAARMY
BLANDRussell John N24236710/03/1915 KINGSWOOD, NSWARMY
BLISSETTDaniel Edward J. N34748113/02/1916 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BLOOMFIELDRaymond James NX194796  9/04/1924 CONCORD, NSWARMY
BOOTHArthur Morris NX14402025/08/1921 PYMBLE, NSWARMY
BOOTHBYJohn 7257625/05/1922 MASCOT, NSWRAAF
BOOTSJames Semple E. NX14441820/03/1920 KINGSWOOD, NSWARMY
BOWLESStewart Tasman N19091511/05/1922 ADAMSTOWN, NSWARMY
BRANGWINEdgar Richard N23860  7/10/1919 ST MARYS, NSWARMY
BREWERHarry N27274018/11/1900 SYDNEY, NSWARMY
BRITZWilliam John 15431  4/10/1912 EMMAVILLE, NSWRAAF
BROWNCharles David NX2532129/03/1913 KINGSWOOD, NSWARMY
BROWNDaphne Brenda 10681615/11/1923 ST MARYS, NSWRAAF
BROWNWilliam James N480346  5/04/1926 LIDCOMBE, NSWARMY
BUDDENJohn N34636219/01/1904 BRISTOL, UKARMY
BURGESSVictor Emmanuel N38850011/04/1902 MT. PERRY, NSWARMY
BURNHenry Bernard 2099114/10/1914 PICTON, NSWRAAF
BURTONCharles Albert NX16684015/11/1918 MERRYLANDS, NSWARMY
BUSHGeofrrey Russell NX5225  8/04/1905 BLANDFORDARMY