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Band Rotunda, Victoria Park

When Sir Maurice and Lady O'Connell decided to return to England in 1842 they advertised their land at "St Marys" South Creek was for sale. They subdivided it into 1 acre and 3 acre blocks. This brought many people to the village and was the start of industry in the area. The O'Connells gave some of their land to the people of South Creek for a park. At first it was called O'Connell Square and later Victoria Park. The park became the meeting place for the local people with many cricket matches and football being played there. Carnivals and picnics were also held. Even today reunions are held each year in the park for the people who grew up in St Marys.

The main feature in the park is the Band Rotunda. It was built in 1922 as a memorial to the men and women of St Marys who were killed in the First World War. My great, great great uncle Cecil Mallard was one of them. Cecil lived in Saddington St. with his mother Lucy Mallard. He enlisted in the army on 23-7-1916 when he was 21 years old. He was badly wounded on 23-12-1916. When he recovered he went back to the fighting. He was killed on 20-9-1917. He was 22 years old. He has a memorial plaque at the Garter Point Cemetary, Zillebeke, Belgium. His name is on the Honour List on the Band Rotunda.

Cecil Mallard Memorial Plaque to the Fallen
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