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South Creek

Gregory Blaxland was given a grant of 2000 acres of land at South Creek, which he called "Leeholm" or "Leehome". His home was on land north of Parramatta, but he had built a small farm cottage on the South Creek property. He ran cattle at Leeholm. The grazing land around Sydney was being eaten out and Blaxland decided to try and find a way over the Blue Mountains in search of more land for cattle. Two expeditions had tried and failed. Gregory Blaxland and his friends William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth left Blaxland's farm on 11 May 1813 with four servants, four pack horses and five dogs. They followed the ridge of the Mountains until they reached Mount York. From there they could see great grasslands for cattle. They took their horses down to this area the next day to feed on the grass. This place is now Bathurst. They then returned to South Creek following the trees they had marked on the way up. One of the marked trees can still be seen along the Great Western Highway. They were each given 1000 acres of this land. The mountain townships of Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth Falls were named after these explorers.

Lieutenant William Lawson Gregory Blaxland
Gregory Blaxland
Mr. William Wentworth Memorial cairn, Luddenham Road, St Marys
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