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Werrington House was built around 1830 for Mr and Mrs Robert Copland Lethbridge on land granted to Mrs Lethbridge as achild (Mary King - daughter of Gov. Philip Gidley King - third Governor of NSW) at South Creek in 1806. The property adjoined other grants made to members of the King family - Mrs Anna Josepha King, wife of Gov. King and her son Phillip Parker King abd daughters Maria, Elizabeth and Mary allreceived grants. All the grants were farmed as one property "Dunheved".
The Werrington property remained in the Lethbridge family until the late 1970's. It was rented to Sir Henry Parkes for a period of twelve years while he served in the State Parliament. A small railway called "Parkes Platform" was built at the bottom of the property for Sir Henry's use as he travelled to the city each day to Parliament. The name "Werrington" came from a Lethbridge property in Cornwall, England.

Mrs Robert Copland Lethbridge
(nee) Mary King
Werrington House today Werrington House
'Werrington' still exists today in the suburb bearing its name

Werrington House
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