1) Get your sound - this can be a tape recording or recorded directly to disc.
    I recorded Norma's interviews from the radio on to tape. The headphone
    output was then input to the line-in of my sound card.

2) Record your sound to disc using software to convert to a 'wave' file.
    I use 'Goldwave' to convert the tape recording to a wave file on disc.
        a) Click 'New', new 'sound' window appears. Set 'Mono' 'Radio' then set
            length to slightly longer that actual recording. Click OK.
        b) Click Tools -> Device Controls.
             When ready to convert - hold down 'Ctrl' and click 'Record' (Red Button)
             then press 'Play' on tape recorder.
             When recording is finished - click 'Stop Recording (Lilac square)
             then press 'Stop' on tape recorder.
        c) Click 'Save As' and give output file a name with 'wav' extension.

3) Convert 'wav' file to Windows Media Format using Windows Media Encoder.
    a) Click 'Convert a file' then OK.
    b) Type name of 'input file' and 'output file' ( I use the name of the input file for
         the output file using 'wma' for the extension. Click 'Next'.
    c) Select 'Windows Media server (streaming)' then click 'Next'.
    d) Select 'Voice Quality audio' from drop down menu then click '19Kbs' Bit Rate. 
         Click 'Finish'

4) When conversion is finished, the output file can be uploaded to your web server.