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The first interview about the first land grant in South Creek (St Marys) did not record properly
King Family Land Grants (26 mins)   
Mary Putland Land Grants (15 mins)   
Early Industry in St Marys (26 mins)   
Lyn Forde's Book on burials (16 mins)   
Effect of WWII on St Marys (23 mins)   
The Tanning Industry (14 mins) 
St Marys & WWI (14 mins)  
Blue Mountains Crossing (14 mins) 
St Marys Public School (23 mins) 
The Old Buffers (16 mins) 
St Marys Spring Festival Pt 1 (6 1/2 mins) Pt 2 (14 3/4 mins) Pt 3 (16+ mins)
Early Health Pt 1 (17 mins) Pt 2 (10 mins)
The following interviews have some distortion -
Aviation - with Johnny Russell (38 mins) 
Mechanics Institute (30 mins) 
The St Marys Post Office (22 mins) 
Oxley Park - street names (15 mins) 
St Marys - street names (21 mins) 
Victoria Park (21 mins) 

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